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    We specialize in the sale of Auto-spare items and accessories, offing you some of the best quality and authentic products in the market. Step in or get in touch and as for items such us. Auto Electrical Parts. Starters, Armatures, Commutators, Field Coils Nuts & Bolts. Hub Bolts, T- Bolts, Washers, Nuts Transmission Parts. Gears, Tie-Rod Ends, Read more [...]


    Specialists in Design and Production of Advertising Merchandise and General Outdoor, materials, T-shirts, Stamps, 3D Signages, and Posts plus related items


    Leading providers of authentic, ICT, Graphics Design, Photocopying, Bulk Print services as well us Computer packages regionally.

  • Lukundo Classic Products & Servises

    We service all kinds of computers: Our computer repair services include desktop and laptop computers of all types and brands, particularly PC type computers. We can also repair/replace your laptop screen or backlighting issue depending upon your computer make and model. Your laptop computer keyboard replacement is also possible, once again, depending upon make and Read more [...]


    Looking for the right business to create a graphic design for you? Look no more Igrafix is the right place and people to call. They do great designs that are appealing and relevant to what you need. Igrafix your first-hand design agency. Services poster and banner design business cards wedding and birthday cards eulogy


    We are well known to be the best gym in voi, located opposite the gracious tents and Ivemax lounge. We are well equipped with the necessary equipment and professional trainers who will ensure your training is standard.  We also offer aerobic classes and hiring of bikes.    


    We are your first-hand Creative agency in voi. We deal with various unique and artistic pieces curated from original or recycled materials. These come in the forms of furniture, decor, paint, beauty products and so much more. our products beaded artworks bottle vases trophies home decor arts of beauty interior design


    Entertainment has become part of our daily lives. People have outgrown the Naija and vitimbi shows and are now to series and movies. But do you know where to grab yourself the best movies and series? Do you want to always get updated on what’s new and what’s trending? Then Hillz entertainment movie house is Read more [...]


    Do you want to connect your brand to your clients today? Do you want your business to get noticed today? We are the right people to call. Specialized in branding and anything related to it, We will make sure you get value for your money either way. Services offered Photo shooting Branding Website design and Read more [...]


    Dealers in IT equipment, we also install internet for people in their homes, offices, churches, business centers or any place you might need WiFi connection. With us you are always guaranteed the quality that satisfies your needs. We have the skills required to install internet are and always ready to serve our clients regardless of Read more [...]

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