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    Cheap&Best Enterprisess

    We are the only business that sells the best briquettes in town. We retail not only the best but also the most affordable briquettes too. If you are looking for the best substitute for charcoal then our briquettes will do. We deliver to your premise at a cost. The briquettes are good for people that Read more [...]

  • Abi Top Brand Fashion

    Abi top brand collection is a one-stop clothing retail shop. It retails/deals with a variety of outfits from male, female to even children. Step in today to get a fresh and trendy look. We stock original,  high quality, durable and affordable Turkey Imported apparel suitable for all. Get Trousers, Tops, Dresses, Tights Jeans, Khaki pants Read more [...]


    A leading, serene, modern and reputable player in the hospitality industry. Tucked in the heart of Tsavo Region, we offer the best of services around accommodation, Meals, Conferencing, Game Drives and Excursions, Wellness, Bar & Lounge, Event Grounds, Sports & Fitness Plus Much more


    We are a vibrant youthful team that offers various technological services around the sale, supply, and repairs of both software and hardware, system maintenance, etcetra Ask for Repairs, Upgrades, Data Solutions, RAM upgrades, recoveries, Laptop repairs, Desktop repairs, Operating System Upgrades, CCTV installations, and much more.  Step in today or give us a call and Read more [...]


    We specialize in the sale of Auto-spare items and accessories, offing you some of the best quality and authentic products in the market. Step in or get in touch and as for items such us. Auto Electrical Parts. Starters, Armatures, Commutators, Field Coils Nuts & Bolts. Hub Bolts, T- Bolts, Washers, Nuts Transmission Parts. Gears, Tie-Rod Ends, Read more [...]


    Specialists in Design and Production of Advertising Merchandise and General Outdoor, materials, T-shirts, Stamps, 3D Signages, and Posts plus related items


    Leading providers of authentic, ICT, Graphics Design, Photocopying, Bulk Print services as well us Computer packages regionally.

  • Lukundo Classic Products & Servises

    We service all kinds of computers: Our computer repair services include desktop and laptop computers of all types and brands, particularly PC type computers. We can also repair/replace your laptop screen or backlighting issue depending upon your computer make and model. Your laptop computer keyboard replacement is also possible, once again, depending upon make and Read more [...]


    We are one of the notable schools in Kenya. We teach our clients different driving skills depending on the type of vehicle they want to learn to drive. We are one of the trusted brands in Kenya as well as Voi. So why not give us a shot today. Services we provide driving lessons of Read more [...]

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