Candid chat with Dolla Papi

Describing himself as a live entertainer, He finds pleasure in charging and entertaining crowds, lighting up events with exhilarating mixes. But how has he built an attractive and profitable “dolla papi ” brand over time.

Many know you just as dola papi . Tell us more on who exactly you are…
Am more than just a deejay. I am a professional Teacher and also a Busi-ness Man. I do charity works and also build up different talents amongst other things.

Highlight A brief history regarding your deejaying career
I started deejaying as a profession since 2013 when I got out of Campus although long time back as a young boy I had some exposer to music and also music equipment. My journey has been of hard work, commitment and passion. There has been challenges like any other job but am always up for them.

Notably you are one of the few per-sons who’ve manage to curve out a visible personal brand regionally. How have you done that?
Mostly my hard work and my personal drive has made me achieve a lot and also bring up my brand and career.

Does a unique and visible brand obviously translate into business? How has the case been with you?
Yes, but i would say partly. I think its more of performance and reliability in services provision that would lead any brand to success.

What’s your take on locals showbiz? Does it pay? And what could be miss-ing perhaps?
Locally, showbiz is still very low. We have less of concerts and event ven-ues. Also mostly jobs are few com-pared to big towns. It pays less I would say. In my opinion the local artists are not united and don’t make the showbiz to grow as one huge tree that can easily be managed and grown to something great.

Your word of advise to upcoming talents and fellow industry players
My advise to upcoming talent is, if you believe in what you do and work hard for it in the right way, you can achieve anything.

So far, share with us some of the big stages you’ve shared as a main act?
Miss Tourism Taita Taveta County, KCB Rally Taita, Airtel Campus Tour and a lot other cooperate jobs.

Kindly summarize for us, some of the values you treasure as key to success in your craft and business.
I think self awareness, strategy, hard work, commitment and personality amongst other values.

What is your biggest inspiration? What keeps you going?
My biggest inspiration is Gods gift of life to me. The value for my life is the first thing that keeps me inspired. Great deejays in Ken-ya like Nick Dee and Joe Mfalme inspire me.

If there is one thing you could address to the government regarding talents and talent pro-motion what would that be?
If the government could develop structures that can identify talents from primary levels and build them in the right way, this could make a great impact in lowering poverty levels, drug abuse and criminal activities in the country since talent has proven to develop great personalities across the Globe

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